Recipes Kids Can Cook Alone

I have been saying for ages that kids really need to learn how to cook and getting them involved in cooking. Doing this tend to help them to try some new foods. It also gives them a sense of independence. I started teaching my kids at a young age, I was amazed there are some things that kids can start to prepare for themselves. You might have to do a little of the prep work, like cutting up fruit and vegetables, but then allow them to put it on skewers for some kabobs.

What to Include in Your Parenting Plan

Life after divorce is full of adjustments. The habits and ways of relating that you are familiar with changes in many ways, leaving you wondering whether you will ever find a new “normal.” When children are involved, this is especially so. Parenting as a couple is very different from co-parenting as two separate individuals. For the sake of your children, you will need to find a way to make it work.

Puritan’s Pride Allergy Kit Review

I was given the opportunity to review the Puritan’s Pride Allergy Kit. I was given the products to give an honest opinion.

This is one neat kit. Our family gets hit bad when allergy season hits every year. That and the cold that happen to come this time of year. This helped with both in a huge way.

5 Easy Ways to How To Be Consistent in Parenting

You have probably heard it before, The best parents are consistent parents. They going into parenting with a plan, as well as various goals in mind. If you want to raise up children who have a good grasp on their emotions, who know how to stick to a plan and reach a goal and who have self-control then you’re going to have to demonstrate those qualities as well. In order to become a consistent parent it takes some thought and effort.

Consistency is the foundation of parenting. If you’re struggling to be consistent, these tips may help.

Consistency is the foundation of parenting. If you’re struggling to be consistent, these tips may help.

4 Ideas to Balance Everyone’s Needs

As humans we have both needs and wants. Sometimes it’s easy as women to get confused by what other people want as a need. Most women are nurturing, and giving, and tend to over give to the point of losing track of their own needs in favor of other people’s wants. Since almost half of all homes consist of two working parents, and more still consist of a single working mother, it’s more important than ever to find out ways to realistically balance the needs of everyone.

Five Ways to Improve Your Parenting Skills

Ask any parent if they would like to improve their parenting skills, and most will say yes. Parenting is a rewarding journey but hard work, and who wouldn’t love to find new ways to become a better parent for their children? Here are five ideas on how to sharpen your parenting skills.

1. Ask Advice from Those Who Have Been There

Take a look at the adults around you and ask yourself who you consider to be a great person. Now, go ask their parents how they raised those great people. Taking advice from those who have been through the challenging job of parenting and have been successful at it is an extremely wise move.

We All Need to Start Fine-tuning Your Parenting Expectations

We have all done it, sometimes we parents exhibit behavior that actually causes their children to perform poorly on basic expectations such as chores, homework, and grades. It can be hard to have a small baby, and then suddenly a toddler getting into everything, then a blink of an eye a school aged child, and before we know it a teenager and so forth. Time seems to have no meaning when it comes to raising children. There here today and gone tomorrow and it all happens seemingly in the blink of an eye.

Common Reasons Why Kids Are Angry and How To Help Them Work Through It

Tips for helping your child work through their angerEvery child goes through times when they are angry. Anger is a natural part of life and children need to learn how to deal with it. By teaching your child how to deal with the changes in life and the anger they feel in a healthy way you’ll set them up for a lifetime of happiness instead of bitterness.

Moving — Many people describe moving is a little bit like a death. Even if you don’t think you will you lose your footing in the world. Your surroundings change, the people you depend on change, and everything is just completely different. The best thing that you can do is be understanding to a child who is angry about a move.