Want to Learn Something New for 2015?

Every year we begin with hopes to do something new or change something. There are so many times we don’t actually follow this to the end. I found that a site that can help with the learning something new goals. It is called Curious. There are tons new things to learn.

At Curious we believe learning is a gift. You can give the special person in your life the “know-how” to train for a 10K, crochet, code, speak Spanish or whip up a 7-course meal.

Love to Read? Try BookBub

I know that as a mom we don’t always have time to enjoy a good book. There are some books that we check in with like cookbooks, parenting books, and other DIY or how to books. I found this awesome site called Boobbub that you can get free books All sorts for your different devices.

BookBub - Free eBooks and Bargains

What are some books that you enjoy reading?

All New Crafts for Valentines Day Review

With Valentine’s around the corner, you and your kids might be thinking of easy to do crafts. The “All New Crafts for Valentines” book provides 20 craft projects for your youngsters with a recommended age of 6 and up. The instructions given are easy to follow, so that your older child can pretty much do them on their own, whereas a younger child might need the help of an adult. I like the fact that the materials needed for the projects are easy to come by and inexpensive. Overall, there is some gluing, drawing and cutting involved. Each project starts with a “Here is what you need” list, followed by simple, illustrated, instructions.

4 Easy tips to Host a Valentine’s Day Party

Hosting a Valentine’s Day party can actually be pretty versatile. All you really need is to create a warm, loving atmosphere that makes your guests feel welcome and loved. It can be a couples’ party, or it can just be a fun time with a group of friends. Here are some fun ideas on how to make your Valentine’s party a time to remember.

valentinesPick a Time

If you are going for a romantic love type of theme, an evening time would set the right mood. For a friendship party, you could do brunch or a late afternoon party. If you are having children, early afternoon might work best. The key is to choose a time that fits the schedule and lifestyle of the majority of your guests.

Healthy School Lunches for Your High Schooler

It is important that even your teen continues to eat healthy. It might be a little harder to know exactly what he (or she) is eating when you’re not around, and it’s all that much more important that you provide him with a healthy and appealing lunch. Get your teen involved in choosing and even making his lunch to really ensure that he eats it and doesn’t buy a bunch of junk while at school. Here are seven healthy lunch ideas you can try with your teen.

7 healthy lunches that your high school student is going to flip for

7 healthy lunches that your high school student is going to flip for

When Your Spouse Won’t Work – Tips for Dealing with It in a Positive Manner

Marriage has many moments of joy along with many challenges. One of the challenges you are sure to face at some point is money issues. A source of tension can be when one spouse decides against the other partner’s wishes that they will not work. It can be a frustrating thing to come to agreement on, but with a little bit of communication, it is possible. Here are some ways to deal with this issue in a positive manner.

Find Out Why

What to Do If You Think Your Child Has a Learning Disability

Learning disabilities affect many children. The positive thing is that teachers are being trained to detect learning disabilities and more children are getting help in a timely manner. Studies show that the sooner a learning disability can be detected, the more chance your child has of a successful school experience. Having access to special programs and methods will assist them in achieving their full potential. What should you as a parent do if you suspect your child has a learning disability that has not yet been diagnosed?

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

What Is an IEP and How Does It Work?

An Individualized Education Program, also known as an IEP, is a document that is created with the input of everyone involved in a child’s education when that child has special education needs. It is used to individualize a program that sets educational goals for the child, and assists him (or her) in achieving those goals. An IEP is a valuable tool to help everyone assist a special needs child for growth in every area of his education.

Who Needs an IEP?