Mormons Are Not Perfect

Many times I have heard things like ‘Those Mormons think they are better then us because they do this or that’ or ‘She sure does think she is perfect’ , things like this totally drive me crazy. I i am Not a perfect Mormonwill be the first to admit that I am not perfect heck I am far from it. I sin and make mistakes. I am Not a perfect mother, wife, daughter of God, or Mormon. I will never claim to be one of these things. I know and can see my faults. Not a day goes by I am not having to repent for one thing or another.

I have learned over the years that, yes to some people we may appear to be perfect or happy all the time. Heck I have left a few social networking groups because I was accused of being to perfect, or that I thought I was better then others because of the things I did and they didn’t do. Yes this is their issue not mine. One thing I have grown to know is that I don’t think any Mormon will ever say I am perfect. We DO strive to be perfect in what we do, at the same time we know that we are human and can never be perfect.

I am just putting this out there because there are times people have this misunderstanding about this. I am proud to say I am Not the Perfect Mormon, (or mom for that matter)

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Tamara Wilson

I am Tamara Wilson, a WAHM to 4 children. I enjoy sharing different ways to help moms also feel like the amazing woman that they are.
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