Pinterest Experiment ~ Listerine Foot Soak

Ok I decided that Tuesdays will be my Pinterest experiment days.  I see these ideas and remedies all the time and wonder does that really work? So I decided to start putting them to the Mommyland Test.  This week I decided to take on the  Listerine Foot Soak I am sure we all seen it. Either on Pinterest or Facebook.  

I have really dry feet especially this time of year with the cold weather and dryness.  I know strange combination. But I wondered would the Listerine foot soak work for me and my feet? I know some of these beauty treatments it can really vary from person to person with different skin types, So I did take that in to consideration

Brief of what the  Pinterest Experiment ~ Listerine Foot Soak  video is about

Today I take on an Pin that I seen over on Pinterest. This week I wanted to get rid of my dry feet so I decided to do the Listerine foot soak. So apparently you take 1/3 of each hot water, Listerine, and vinegar. Put them together in a small tub of some sort big enough to fit your feet. I decided to use a plastic shoe box that you can get from the store to store I guess shoes?

Waited the 30 minutes ended up with green feet. I read by several people not to use the blue, but hey the green did the same thing. Did it work like it said? Well a little, they aren’t as cracked and dry as they were before. But not as good as claimed on Pinterest. So worth doing sure, may take a few times to get good final results.

I used the green and I did get green feet, I also got very cold feet. Not sure if it was from the mixture, the alcohol in the Listerine, or the flavor.  So beware your feet could get all cold.

So Here is the close up of the results comparisons after the Listerine Foot Soak
Pinterest Experiment ~ Listerine Foot Soak Before adn After Picture

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