Quick Cleaning Tips for your Home

With the Holiday season fast approaching often times we will find ourselves busy and suddenly realize company is going to arrive in a short time. Instead of panicking here are some tips to help you get your home ‘guest ready’ in a matter of minutes.

Living/Family Room
Pick up any newspapers, magazines or books and either stack them neatly on your coffee table or throw any old ones away. Fluff your pillows and cushions and place and fold any blankets and put them away. Put away DVD’s and movies that are lying around, as well as any video games and video game equipment.

Place any dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or stack them neatly in the sink. Throw or put away any objects that clutter up your kitchen, such as old newspapers, mail, magazines, etc. Vacuum the floors instead of sweeping them for a quick touch up. Spray counter tops with Windex for a nice shine, as well as the front of the microwave and stove. Empty the trash.quick cleaning tips

Dining Room
I know our dining room table tends to be a catch all in our house. Jackets tend to get hung on the backs of chairs and the mail piles up, as well as backpacks and purses. If that’s the case for your house, have everyone come and take care of anything that belongs to them. Wipe down the table or place a new table cloth for a fresh clean look.

If you have a guest bathroom, this is the only one to worry about at this point. Give the sink a fresh touch up with some disinfecting wipes, squirt some toilet cleaner around the inside and on the seat, and clean the mirrors with Windex. Pick up any clutter and close the shower curtain. If you have time go over the floor with a damp mop. Hang fresh towels and wash clothes.

Just before your guests arrive, give the house a fresh clean scent with a few sprays of air freshener. The fresh scent plays a trick on the brain and tells it this is a clean place. After your guests leave, you can put things away properly and give your home a proper cleaning. Just think how much easier it will be now that you’ve gotten this much done.

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