Tips to Raising Confident Children

Parents want only what is best for their children. They want their children to be able look to the future with the self-confidence to reach for the stars and overcome any obstacles along the way. The following tips will give you the tools you need to help your children do just that.

The best way to raise confident children is to be confident. Show your children that you are confident in your own abilities even if that means you don’t always get what you want. Let them see you struggle toward a goal whether you succeed or not. When they realize you can feel confident in your own abilities no matter what the outcome, they can adopt the same attitude.

One way to build self-confidence in your children is to begin giving them some responsibilities. This doesn’t mean you have to give them huge tasks because all children don’t have the same abilities as others. You don’t expect a three-year-old to babysit but they can put their clothes in a hamper or pick up their toys when they’ve finished playing with them.

Give them age-appropriate tasks which you can know they can accomplish. Create routines in which they are asked to do these tasks and they’ll be more likely to do what you ask as they get older. By asking them to do harder jobs as they get older they will see how your confidence in their abilities has grown; theirs will do the same.

You may also note your children’s confidence increasing when they are allowed to make decisions. Very young children can be asked which type of cereal they would like to eat. As they get older you can give them more important decisions to make. Guide them into making wise choices and you’ll also encourage their self-confidence to grow.

Praise your children often but be careful how you do it. Some parents go overboard by praising everything their child does which gives them a false sense of identity. They might think they can’t do wrong. However, if you praise your children for the effort they put forth, not necessarily for winning or succeeding, they won’t be deterred by setbacks.

Show your children that you believe in them. Choose your words carefully. Tell them “You?’re doing better at . . .”? or “I appreciate how you . . .” Put notes in your children’s lunchbox to encourage them. When you believe in them, they will be more likely to believe in themselves.

Take time to listen to what your children have to say. They need to know what they say matters. Help them learn to express their fears, frustrations and emotions. Support them as much as possible, but correct them if they’re wrong.

Rather than trying to spare your children from pain or heartbreak, let them experience what happens when they make mistakes. Teach them to “own up”? to their mistakes and to learn from them. When they’ve done this you will be able to guide them in the way they handle failures or mistakes.

These tips for raising confident children can be a jumping point to a whole new relationship with your child. They aren’t guaranteed to change overnight; however, it is a starting place. Use the tips which work for your situation to assist your efforts.

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